… this might be a good look for me

Hi Crafty!

We are excited to begin blogging our daily escapades and will try to do so for the month of May!  Stay tuned here to join an ongoing conversation about adding positivity, creativity, & fun to each day.  I understand this may sound like a load of sunshine & rainbows.. maybe it is.. BUT, check out our reasoning below:

“Why?” you say.  WHY NOT?

If you think about it… washing dishes and meeting new neighbors is so much more fun with a painted mustache.  If you treat everyday as a work of art… you’re really engaged in the present, AND you don’t miss as many opportunities for growth, connection, & pleasure.

While you are on our site.. be sure to catch up on all our new additions.. yes… we’ve added a “Gallery” section that includes some of my most recent work and more to come!  The “Party” section is all about our party offerings, and lastly, the Q&A… is well, Q&A.  We are also adding… DRUMROLL >>>

A STORE PAGE! Because we like making things to make life like art.  Especially Jewelry.  Be on the lookout for the latest wearable art… handpainted by me!

That’s about it for now folks, we are here to keep you entertained and creatively inspired… Ask us questions, give us a hard time, post a picture of you and your own mustache… feel free to use this space to join the discussion!  Comments are WELCOME!

Much Love,