NEWS FLASH: Milk Bones.

This is a seemingly harmless dog bone. 

Left by the UPS man to woo our dog, Nikki.  Last week he dropped off 50 lb. of rack cards, and she was none to thrilled.  So I guess this week he decided to make friends.

Nikki doesn’t take milkbones from the Regions bank drive through, from UPS men, from Camille’s restaurant.  (Thank you all for offering though.)  She does not like them.

So what’s the big deal?  WHY are we talking about MILK BONES?

We’re talking about milk bones because they are dried up… Nikki doesn’t like them.  and you don’t have to either.

The only good thing about dried up stuff… is that, dried up stuff is the best kindling.  I’m not just saying that because we’re living in Florida, but I’m speaking a little more metaphorically.

IT’S HOT OUTSIDE YALL, FIND A USE FOR OLD, DEAD STUFF OR GET ALL OF IT OUT OF HERE TO MAKE ROOM.  (Yes… I’m even talking about the socks that don’t have matches, and the underwear that has elastic handles.  The little things that get in your way every day and frustrate you.)

One person’s trash is another’s treasure, you’d surprised to know that someone out there is just waiting to reinvent that perfectly good chest of drawers you’ve been thinking about leaving on the edge of the road this week.

Don’t feel guilty, don’t be scared… just snap to it, sister!

XO, Amanda

Studio by the Sea

Thought for the day: Dried up stuff is the best kindling for creativity:  take your grandma’s belt and wear with an updated dress.. or give it to someone who needs to keep up their britches.

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